M/S «Stormhav» orders two «Loppa»

The company Havfront has revolutionized gutting and cutting of fish onboard fishing vessels with the innovative machine «Loppa». The fishing vessel «Stormhav» now purchases two machines after having contributed to testing the product during real conditions at sea. The product has really proved it's worth onboard!

The fishing vessel Stormhav has been an important collaborator for Havfront during the development of the Loppa. Through the collaboration, the product has been thouroghly tested and is now ready for the market in a larger scale. - This is a real seal of approval, qualitywise, for us in Havfront. We are proud that Stormhav, who has been testing the product for us, now buys it as the only gutting machine to be used onboard.

A machine that solves many problems

Havfont saw the need for a machine that could solve several problems for the fishermen and the ship owners. Not only was it important that it should cut and gut the fish mechanically to spare the fishermen for unneeded wear and tear, it was also important to make a machine that could do several things at once to make the process effective. We started the development process of the prototype in 2014 for the product now known as the Loppa.

Has always included the industry in the development

Havfront has included the industry all the way in order to receive the compentence the industry has. Håkon Inge Mjånes is one of three shipowners on the Stormhav who joined in from the very start, and he is impressed by the effective machine Havfront has created.

- It was at the fisheries exhibition in Trondheim a few years ago that we first met with Havfront regarding this exciting product. With the help of Innovation Norway, Havfront and Stormhav could start a joint project where we should test the Loppa. We have since then tested, modified, mounted, dismounted, rebuild and retested. I remember one time where we drew a fish on a sheet of paper and explained where we wanted the abdomincal cut to be. We sent this to Havfront, and got the machine rebuilt at once to get it the way we wanted, Mjånes explains.

Now the fishing vessel owners in Stormhav wants to use the machines as the sole equipment onboard, and they see a range of advantages ahead.

- The Loppa is compact and effective, and it eases the wear on the shoulders and hands for the fishermen. We have found it especially good to place new personell onboard to use this machine, because the training time has been significantly reduced. If you can reduce the work force by one man, you will save money. It's as simple as that, Mjånes says, and adds that Stromhav now only uses the machine from Havfront because competing machines takes too much deck space and they require much more maintenance.

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