Three LOPPA machine delivered to Greenland

The fishermen are very happy, and it's a great success for Havfront AS!

Havfront AS has revolutionized gutting and beheading of fish onboard fishing vessels with the worlds smallest cutting machine, LOPPA. Havfront has now delivered the three first machines on three different vessels in Greenland. The first machine has already been in service for a month, and the fishermen is very happy with the results. "LOPPA has given us a new and much easier work day onboard the vessel", the fishermen states. Service Manager Martin Lie in Havfront was excited before starting the commissioning of the machines, but everything has gone extremely well, and he looks forward to further deliveries to Greenland. Havfront has been represented at Greenland through Måløy Mairitime Group, and has brought Project Manager Laetita Pipaluk Rosing to Greenland to meet further potential customers. Laetita Pipaluk Rosing is originally from Nuuk, Greenland, and thereby posesses both language and culture knowledge which has been valuable.

Havfront has the last week met alot of fishermen that is interested in buying the worlds smallest cutting machine, LOPPA, states Havfront CEO Marius Strømmen. The time at Greenland has been spent in Nuuk, where alot of vessels that can be fitted with the machine, but it is still not the largest fishing vessel port at Greenland, so we are quite exited about the potential here at Greenland, Strømmen states with a smile. The fishing vessels at Greenland is very happy with how LOPPA works, with quality, uptime and effectiveness.

The machine has been mounted on three vessels under 15 meters at Greenland. The fishermen at Greenland has wanted a machine to help them with cutting and gutting of fish onboard. All fish that is delivered at Greenland must be gutted and cut onboard, and it's quite a though job. Lack of manpower has also been a big problem at Greenland in later times, so to make the job easier and more effective is important to get more people interested in fishing.

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