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Privacy Policy

Cookies in use at our websites havfront.no, havfront.com, loppa.online, folla.online and folla.info (from here on called our websites), are used to collect information anonymously.

The cookies are only used to collect user statistics.

Cookies that exist

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analytics tool to analyze user behaviour on websites. This is a free service from Google that makes it possible to see the amount of visitors, page views, traffic sources, length of the visit, geographic location and a lot more. To save the information about the visitors, Google Analytics uses a javascript, which in turn saves 5 different cookies. This are used to save the behaviour pattern on a website, and each movement of the user within the website. These cookies are:

What kind of information is being processed

The only information that is collected on our websites is what is noted above.

The purpose of the use

The purpose of the use is not to identify you as a user, but to analyze the behaviour of the average user, og using that to create the best possible user experience for all.

What are cookies, and how are they used?

Cookies by them selves has no value. The cookies only saves a random identification number. It is only when you connect this identification number to a database that the cookies information can be processed. The owner of the websites listed above confirm that this information is treated with the highest degree of safety, and it will only be used for the purposes stated above. Identification of individual users will never and can never be done on these websites.

General information about cookies

Cookies, also called Information Cookies, are small files that is saved by your browser and stored locally on your computer. If you open another browser on the same computer, the same cookies will not be transferred to the new browser. A cookie usually stores four paramteters:

Due to the last point, it is difficult to misuse a cookie. A cookie by itself has little to no value until it is tied to a database. Because of this, the cookie will not have any value if someone tries to move it to another domain, because you won't have access to the databases.

You can turn off cookies

It is possible to turn off the use of cookies in your browser, but be aware that alot of websites will stop to work if you do so. You will no longer be able to perform online shopping, log on to social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc, or any other website that requires any form for login services.


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