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Optimar is an important strategic collaborator to get a foothold with the large companies onshore, and in large ships above 55 meters. Their network and knowledge will be imporant for us to succeed with the Loppa100, but also for the continued development of the worlds smallest cutting and gutting machine.

Sparebanken Vest

Sparebanken Vests business department in Florø has been unique for us by providing advice and counsel in the processes we have been through. They have great competence and is a local bank that takes its customers seriously. We are looking forward to a continued close business relationship.

Innovasjon Norge avd. Sogn & Fjordane

Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway) will be with us on our continued work, and is an important part for us to make it in this market.

Bremanger kommune

Havfront AS was early in talks with Bremanger county, and has received alot of support from them. It was because of this natural for us to start the company here. We wish on our part to create high skill workplaces, which is important for the development of the county. Havfront AS would like to extent its thanks to the mayor and councilman of Bremanger who has shown us great support.

Westcon Power & Automation

Westcon Power & Automation is an important collaborator for automation and programming of the Loppa. By making the machine simple and based on hydraulics, Westcon P&A has made and programmed the brain in the machine.


Important collaborator of Havfront since 2014 to develop the hydraulic components that power the worlds smallest cutting and gutting machine. Hydramek delivers a spcecially designed valve block that controls all the cycles in the machine. They also deliver engines that are specially designed to handle the harsh environment onboard fishing vessels. In hydraulics, their competence and focus on quality is of great importance for us.


Our supplier of hoses and couplings. They have been extremely important for us when it comes to choose the material we need. They are a large supplier that we can find all along the coastline of Norway, and can deliver parts on short notice.


Patent and IPR-work to secure the machine in Norway and the world. The Loppa100 is patended in Norway and we were granted the patent with no complaints from the patent board. They state that the machine has a great news value, and they can not find any similar machine in the market. We have also applied for a world patent, and this process is ongoing. Håmsø was established in 1950 as an independent consultancy for immaterial rights. They are one of Norways largest consultancies when it comes to preparations for new patents. They have excellent experience with extending Norwegian patents abroad, and their international contacts includes collaborators in over 100 countries.

BRAGE Finans

An important collaborator through Sparebanken Vest to provide our customers leasing deals. They provide good financing options, which can provide our customers with good economical leeway, favorable interest rates and tax benefits. Contact us, and we can provide you with contact information for an informal meeting where you can discuss the possibilities, and you can together work out what would be most benefitial for you.

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